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A,P Dynagroove, Los Angeles (Diz) 04-20-2002
A,P Dynagroove, Los Angeles (Heather, Diz, Zero, Jamie Thinnes) 09-29-2001
A,P Motion, Los Angeles (Cade, Dazy) 06-16-2001
A,P Club 01 with GIANT & Dynagroove 05-19-2001
A,P Friday Night Cookin', Los Angeles (Miguel Migs, Eddie, Lou, Ruben) 05-11-2001
A,P Tangent, Los Angeles (Weekly Guest DJs) 05-09-2001
A,P Dynagroove, Los Angeles (Cade, Diz, Jonene, Jamie Thinnes) 04-28-2001
A,P Giant, Los Angeles (Henry Self, Mike Varela, Zach Rieken, Ynot) 03-24-2001
A,V,P Variable 03 CD Release Party @ The Martini Lounge, Los Angeles 02-10-2001

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