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Welcome to DJLA.COM, a showcase for Southern California DJs and electronic music artists.

DJLA is independently owned and operated, non-coorporate organization. It was founded, launched and is currently run at my own expense for one mission: To provide a world-wide showcase for the amazing talent in the Southern California electronic music scene. DJLA aims to be a unique tool for DJs, Promoters, Musicians to connect with the community. As well, a resource for that community to not only learn more about their favorite talent and events, but offer the opportunity to explore new talent/music/events which may otherwise not be accessible. This site is made possible through the generous support of many close friends and all of the DJs/Musians who share their music.

-Enjoy! S. Baal (founder), E. Johnson (right-hand-man) + the DJLA crew

In support of high-quality and unique programming on the web and radio, DJLA has pledged our support to KCRW (89.9 FM, in Los Angeles at the Angel level. In a time where huge media conglomerates and recent legislation make it difficult to provide truly unbiased free music... We offer a challenge to everyone in the electronic music community to support their favorite sources of music.


Saturday: February 29, 2020





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