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DJLA.COM is a new on-line showcase for Southern California DJs and electronic music/dance culture. DJLA launched its 'public beta' phase in March of 2001. We would like to thank the current DJs and 1000's of daily visitors that have helped take the site to this next level. The newly re-designed and expanded site offers several new, exciting features including DJLA Radio and the Community Section.

DJLA Radio is DJLA's new continuous music channel. Streaming 24 hours of near CD quality audio, featuring select sets from DJLA artists as well as original programming and live broadcasts. For more information and programming, click on the "INFO" button in the upper right corner of any DJLA page. The DJLA Community section is intended to be YOUR space to interact with the Southern California dance/electronic music community. We encourage everyone to sign up for a free account and participate. Once a member you may submit articles and reviews, add comments, participate in discussions, contribute web links and much more.

DJs and Bands: DJLA is a resource to find out more about your favorite DJs and electronic musicians playing in and around the SoCal scene. Profiles feature: Biographies, Photo, Charts, Personal Calendar and most importantly full length streaming audio mixes. All streaming audio is available in both FM Stereo quality for 56k modem users and near CD quality streams for broadband listeners. DJs and artists may sign up for a free profile by clicking the "JOIN" button and submitting the necessary information.

Events: DJLA will cover select clubs and events in the SoCal area. Check out this section to see photos and listen to live sets recorded at the event.

Club/Event Calendar: The calendar section is fast becoming one of the most comprehensive club and underground calendars on-line. A definite must view before going out. Promoters may submit their events to:

For more information as well as advertising and sponsorship information contact As always, we welcome any comments and suggestions. We look forward to our continued growth and service to the music/club community.



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