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DJLA Radio


DJLA Radio is DJLA's new continuous music channel. Streaming 24 hours of near CD quality audio, featuring select sets from DJLA artists as well as original programming and live broadcasts. DJLA Radio is available at any time by clicking the "launch" button in the upper right hand corner of any DJLA.COM page. DJLA Radio's continous music stream requires QuickTime 4.1 or later and a broadband connection to the internet. (ISDN, Cable, DSL etc.)

As well, you can tune into live broadcasts and select DJLA events as they are being recorded for DJLA Radio. To join in on the live broadcast you simply need a MP3 audio player capable of playing a real-time stream and a broadband connection to the internet.

DJLA Radio LIVE: Recommended Software and Instructions

If your web browser is already configured to play streaming MP3s, simply go to:

Alternatively, open your favorite MP3 player and: Click "Add" then "Add URL" (WinAMP), Select "Open Location" under the file menu (RealPlayer) or "Open Stream" under the Advanced menu (iTunes). When asked for the URL enter
"" (without quotes).




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